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Cash On Buyer: Why Paying For Real Estate With Cash Is The Best Option
Are you considering purchasing a new property? When it comes to buying a house, many financing options are available. However, paying in cash is often…
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Maximizing Your Real Estate Investment With Cash On Buyer Purchases
Many strategies can be employed to maximize profits when investing in real estate. One such strategy is offering cash incentives to buyers to encourage them…
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Cash On Buyer: Why Cash Is The Best Real Estate Negotiation Tool
When buying real estate, the negotiation process can be overwhelming. You want the best deal possible, but how can you ensure you make the right…
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Don’t invest in these worst investment vehicles:

1. Front-End Loader - 401k. Avg 30 year ROI 5%
14 years to 2x. Invested in Stock account you have no control of.

2. Bicycle - IRA

3. Ice cream truck - Annuity 3.7% 24 years to 2x. Guaranteed return.

4. The Tractor - S&P 500 avg return in 30 years <8%
5. Home Equity- The Antique Car - avg yearly return is 5% x2 in 15 years.